Transform Your Kitchen

5 Designs to Transform Your Kitchen

Food, chatter and good vibes; you get it all in a kitchen space, making it own up to its ‘heart of the house’ epithet. But if the kitchen is poorly maintained, it quickly turns into an eyesore. To maintain the merriment and capture those finest and most functional designs, a revamp is a must! There is a whole spectrum of ideas that can help you transform your kitchen. However, you must choose the elements you want to work on wisely to make your kitchen an exceptionally beautiful and functional space.

Incorporate Open Shelves

Open shelving is by far one of the most trendy kitchen designs. They are popular due to their exceptionally minimal space-consuming quality and bringing an organizational appearance to the kitchen space. The sophisticated arrangement can quickly turn creative if you choose the right elements on display. For instance, keeping one type of pattern for plates, dishes or bowls that matches the wall can work wonderfully.

Transform Your Countertops

Countertops draw attention the most when working in a kitchen. So transforming them with the finest of designs can work wonders on your kitchen. You get a variety of designs and materials for your countertop that aligns with your needs. Depending on the design, colours and overall appearance of your kitchen, you can choose from marble, soapstone, granite, quartz, wood, tile, brick and more for your countertop.

Paint Your Furniture

When you take a look around your kitchen, you might notice your cabinets, doors and other furniture have lost their glory, giving them a faded look. The best way to bring back their shine is by painting them with remarkable colour palettes that suit your kitchen. If you want a sophisticated place, you can bring in some cream, white, coral blue or warm wooden tones in the mix. If you have a creative streak, you can include pop colours for one element that complements the neutral tones of the surrounding.

Elevate the Surroundings with Good Lighting

The one thing that accentuates any design, colour and kitchen elements is the lighting. Don’t let the lighting be an afterthought, as it provides your space with an immaculate ambience and makes it an inviting place. Consider surface lights that are mushroom-shaped and can be installed overhead to illuminate the entire kitchen. Moreover, you can also install dimmer switches for cooking as well as entertainment purposes. Other lighting options, such as pendant lighting and cabinet lighting, are also brilliant choices in providing illumination in the space.

Design a Functional Layout

When in doubt, it’s the layout. It’s true! Ensuring a functional working space in your kitchen can depend upon the layout you have, which works on a three-point system – fridge, sink and stove. Maintain a proper reachable distance between all three elements so that their distances form a triangle. This enhances the workflow in the kitchen and makes it functional in its highest form.

There are numerous designs and combinations that can transform your kitchen into a functional space, and we do that remarkably! Flaunt Group brings designs and ideas to your kitchen to help you create a place you will love. From kitchen islands to cabinets, from designing to painting, we deliver immaculate results for your home and office space. Reach out to us today.