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How to Rent Furniture for Home Stagings

Furniture is the life of the home. So if you are planning to elevate your home interiors for a real estate showing, your furniture should be impeccable. However, you don’t necessarily have to buy brand-new furniture. Renting furniture for home staging can be an effective and budget-friendly way to showcase a property in its best light. Here are some steps to consider when renting furniture for your next home staging project:

Determine Your Budget

Renting furniture can be an expensive endeavor, so it’s important to determine how much you’re willing to spend. This will help you set a budget and determine which pieces you can afford to rent. If you have a decent budget, you can invest in a sleek sofa that goes well with the living room. You may also determine the budget according to the rooms.

Choose a Rental Company

For optimal deals, you will need a good rental company. Research furniture rental companies in your area and compare their prices, selection, and reputation. Make sure you choose a company that has experience in home staging and can provide you with high-quality furniture that is both attractive and functional.

Determine the Style

Home stagers often aim for a neutral, stylish look that appeals to a wide range of potential buyers. This is because your home is your hero, and the furniture should complement it rather than outshine it. When you choose some neutral colours, decide on a specific style, such as contemporary, traditional, or coastal, and choose furniture that fits that aesthetic.

Choose the Right Pieces

Once you have a style in mind, consider which pieces of furniture you need to rent. This might include a couch, chairs, tables, beds and decorative items. Decide on the furniture each room will require and how many they will have. Choose pieces that are appropriately sized for the room, and that will help highlight the room’s best features.

Consider the Timeline

Consider how long you’ll need to rent the furniture and make sure the rental company you choose can accommodate your timeline. Some rental companies may require a minimum rental period, so be sure to ask about this upfront. Be in touch with the company, from booking to returning.

Delivery and Set-up

Typically, a rental company delivers the furniture to the house. However, make it a point to check whether the company you choose will deliver and set up the furniture for you. This can save you time and hassle and ensure that the furniture is arranged in the best way possible.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to renting furniture that will help you stage a home in a way that appeals to potential buyers. Yet, getting rental furniture is just work half done. A house needs to look presentable, and we are the experts! Flaunt Group is your house designing partner that elevates the look of your home. Reach out to us today!