Feng Shui

Integrate Feng Shui Into Your Winter Home

Anybody unaware of feng shui should know that it is considered a form of attentive design that enables us to feel connected to our environment. Feng shui seeks to enhance chi or energy and improve balance and harmony among the natural world, our dwellings, and consequently, ourselves. Utilizing this energy is almost as easy as rearranging our living areas. The process entails examining every element of your home, including the layout, design, colour, and form, among other things. Below are some characteristics connected to the winter season in feng shui.


According to Chinese cosmology, the four seasons are divided into yin and yang energies; autumn and winter are yin seasons, whereas spring and summer are yangs. Feminine yin energy is gentle, soft, silent, and relaxed. Encourage reflection and relaxation by incorporating soft textures through drapes and carpets, complementing the winter season. Also, embrace blue, purple, and green hues that symbolize healing and peace. In addition, soft, subdued sounds also contribute to the calming effect.


The five elements – water, fire, earth, wood, and metal – are one of the three core tenets of feng shui, along with the dominating position and bagua. The water element, which stands for intuition, renewal, purification, wealth, and prosperity, is connected to the winter season. Introduce essential water features into your homes, such as a fish tank or indoor water fountain, to best embody this element. Additionally, furniture, paintings and furnishings in dark blue and black tones can be used to resemble water. However, if you are short on space, tranquil water imagery in art, photography and mirrors can be a calming approach to portray this aspect.


According to feng shui, the winter season symbolizes powerful black and dark blue hues, which you should use with caution in your home’s interior design. The yin side of the taijitu sign vibrates with tranquil energy and is similarly coloured black. Black has good associations with calmness, knowledge, mindfulness and wealth in feng shui, yet in western society, it represents sorrow, death and mystery. Black and dark blue hues can be used through ornamental accents, furniture items, or by painting walls  and emphasizing architectural details. Regardless of your decision, both colours will give your scheme a classic air of richness and charm.


Each season in feng shui corresponds to one of the bagua, or eight sectors, representing various life aspects. The north sector, entry to your home and business, career and life path are all tied to winter. So, now is the time to strengthen your career in bagua and draw favourable energy into this region of your home, whether you wish to get promoted or earn more money. 

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