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7 Interior Design Trends Experts Suggest

Our home is an extension of ourselves. We design and style our spaces according to our liking and personality. Our house aesthetics can affect our mood. So it becomes crucial to design your room in a way that will cater to your needs and preferences. Some choose functionality, while others choose aesthetics. Here are some expert suggestions for designing your home interiors.

Add Jewel Tones to Create Cozy Vibes

Jewel tones are rich gemstone colours like emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red and amethyst purple. One of the latest colour trends is using jewel tones, particularly emerald green. These colours create a sense of warmth in your room and make you feel cozy and comfortable. 

Experiment with Earthy Shades of Brown

Neutral colours like brown make your room look elegant. Shades of brown and caramel are making a comeback this season. If you want a break from bold colours and pastels, opt for neutral earthy colour tones. Some earthy colour options are chocolate brown, camel brown, caramel and terracotta colour scheme.

Create Neutral Living Spaces Infused with Texture

Incorporate textured decor items with the room’s neutral colour palette to enhance the look of the area. For example, place a velvet chair or couch in a neutral-painted room or add eye-catching showpieces to make your room stylish and fun.

Replace Clean Lines with Curves

Curves add a soft and graceful touch to your space. They can provide a contemporary and modern look to the room. Curves also subconsciously make us feel safe, friendly and welcoming. You can include curves in your home by adding arch designs to your windows, doorways and cabinets.

Choose Organic Materials Over Plastic Decor

People are worried about the environment and are choosing a sustainable lifestyle. As plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, it contributes to environmental pollution. Opt for home decor that is made of natural materials. You can place terracotta pots instead of ones made from plastic. You can even replace other items in your home with sustainably sourced products.

Opt for Vintage Pieces Over Modern Interiors

Vintage pieces offer a personalized touch to your home. Modern interiors are generally mass-produced and widely available, whereas vintage furniture is rare and unique. They will make your space look chic and classy. You can buy vintage pieces from antique stores or find some unique pieces online.

Mix Materials and Design Styles

Feel free to mix and match different materials and styles. Mash up design trends to create a space uniquely fit for you. For instance, you can add white and creams with dark natural wood. Another example is placing black and white photos with washed linen textiles. 

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