Staging & Furniture Rentals


A home should be both beautiful and inviting whether it is being staged for sale or designed for everyday living.



We understand that the home buying journey can be an exciting and stressful time for both the sellers and the buyers. Having a professionally staged home, allows the future buyer to see the homes true potential. It is said, “Only 10% of home buyers can imagine their home.” Allow them to feel at home, and we can help!


At Flaunt Interiors we offer luxury furniture and accessories for rent to staggers, investors, designers, builders, realtors, and home owners. With our extensive and modern line of furnishings, art and accessories create spaces that are not only elegant, and luxurious but also warm and welcoming..

Our goal is to maximize your home’s potential, to sell for the best price in the least time possible, by creating the space of your dreams. Our eclectic collection of modern furnishings and art allows each project to come to life.

Vacant home staging:

90% of buyers will not be able to visualize living in your property. By staging the common areas buyers can connect and feel right at home. The interior designed space is guaranteed to sell your home quickly. Buyers also have the option to purchase the “complete designed” look with the sale of the property.

Occupied staging

We offer occupied redesigning services per request. Our consultation includes a walk and talk of your property and provides viable information for getting your house show ready. We help design your space keeping your lifestyle, functionality and esthetics in mind. We can draft brand new plans or review your existing plans to ensure no idea/space has been missed and every area flows smoothly through the floor plan.

Stage To Rent

Staging your rental property helps deliver perceived value to your potential renter. We provide designer curated packages that can be rented or purchased. By showcasing a lifestyle our staging can help you rent faster and for more.

Interior Design

You will be partnered with a professional Interior Specialist who will guide and manage your project. Our innovative interior solutions are inspirational, decorative and functional for today’s lifestyle, all within your budget. We start by using the furniture and accessories that you own and would like to keep, and work around them for interior designing and decorating your space. We carry many supplier lines with unique products and service Edmonton and surrounding areas. The interior designing services follow the principles of Feng Shui to bring positive energy flow into your spaces.